OneSmart Infuses Cutting-Edge Tech into FasTrack English and HappyMath

SHANGHAI, Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OneSmart International Education Group Limited (NYSE: ONE) ("OneSmart" or the "Company"), a leading premium K-12 after-school education company in China, today announced that it has integrated the latest cutting-edge educational technology to enhance two of its premium brands HappyMath and FasTrack English. The newly launched premium products for each brand were announced at a press conference titled Enjoy Technology to Create a Fantastic Future and will include significant technological upgrades made to their core teaching concepts and methodologies, teaching tools, and curriculums.

HappyMath, OneSmart's premium young child STEAM education program is now applying Harvard Case Study teaching methodology and Jean Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development to the development of artificial intelligence systems that are being integrated into its teaching systems and Intellectual Teaching Tools as well as a new bilingual curriculum HappyMath VIP Thinking Program. HappyMath now has nearly 50 different Intellectual Teaching Tools which will enable students to acquire a different perspective when looking at the world while learning mathematics through fun and engaging games, activities and hands-on exercises.

OneSmart's Intellectual Teaching Tools were designed by Professor Jin Huang, the Deputy Director of the Education Department of East China Normal University and the Executive Deputy Director of National Association of Early Childhood Education of the Chinese Society of Education. The tools incorporate Professor Huang's extensive research into mathematics education for children with a focus on fostering an environment conducive to learning using the student's own experiences which allows for efficient communication and greater levels of engagement.

HappyMath VIP Thinking Program leverages the strong and respected HappyMath brand name to roll out a bilingual curriculum that improves mathematics scores while teaching English at the same time. The program uses in-house developed teaching materials with experienced teachers who have studied overseas.

FasTrack English, OneSmart's premium young child English education programs, is integrating technology including computer programming, science experiments and 3D foundation to enhance its STEM curriculum and improve student engagement, confidence, creativity, and intellectual ability. FasTrack English also launched a new concept brand Harvard Mothers' Choice which will develop a student's all-round capabilities, nurture their interests outside of academics, and help them grow into global students.

OneSmart will continue to work with China Family Education App, a professional family education platform, to develop high-quality educational resources and further customize services for parents.

Mr. Xiaoqiang Meng, Senior Vice President of OneSmart and President of HappyMath, commented, "Infusing technology into HappyMath will help teachers carefully evaluate each student's progress in real time and quickly make necessary adjustments to ensure they are fully engaged in the learning experience and having fun. At the same time, parents will be able to follow their child's progress through the dynamic reports that are created by the system which will help improve customer satisfaction."

Dr. Jason Jiao, Marketing Officer of OneSmart, commented, "Integrating educational technology into two of our premium brands forms part of our commitment to ensuring each student gets the attention and support they need. This is also helping us to customize teaching concepts and methodologies, curriculums, and educational tools for each individual student. We will continue to incubate and invest in more educational technology to further enrich our service offerings and expand our educational ecosystem."

About OneSmart

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Shanghai, OneSmart International Education Group Limited is a leading premium K-12 education company in China. Since commencement of our business, our vision is to build the most trusted "Third Classroom" outside of home and school and our mission is to bring out the utmost learning power in each student by cultivating his or her study motivation, capability and perseverance, and enable our students to pursue their life-long success. Our company culture is centered on the core values of customer focus, execution, innovation and teamwork.

The Company has built a comprehensive premium K-12 education platform that encompasses OneSmart VIP business (Premium K-12 1-on-1 tutoring services), HappyMath (Premium young children STEAM education programs), and FasTrack English (Premium young children English education programs). As of May 31, 2019, OneSmart operated a nationwide network of 430 study centers across 43 cities in China.

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