OneSmart CEO Delivers Keynote Speech at Worldwide Educators Conference 2019

OneSmart International Education Group Limited (NYSE: ONE) ("OneSmart" or the "Company"), a leading premium K-12 after-school education company in China, today announced that Mr. Xi (Steve) Zhang, chairman and chief executive officer of OneSmart, delivered a keynote speech at the Worldwide Educators Conference (“WWEC”) 2019 in Shanghai.

The speech, entitled “Returning to the Essence of Education with Boundless Innovation,” highlighted the technologies and ideas that OneSmart is bringing to the education sector. WWEC is one of the world's leading cross-border conferences for education.

Mr. Zhang commented, “Our mission is to bring out the utmost learning power in each student by cultivating his or her study motivation, capability and perseverance and enable our students to pursue life-long success. Innovation is core competitiveness of a company and also part of our company value. We have launched a series of innovative products powered by adaptive AI technology including a personalized learning experience and integrated offline-to-online services with high-touch after-class support.

“OneSmart’s innovative education concept relies on proactive learning supported by teaching and interaction, which enables us to further explore and encourage student's learning power.”

Conference participants included experts in education industry, finance, academic circles, business, politics and arts. Roundtable discussions and experts discussed core concepts of education, education management models, the application of technology, innovative education concepts, and future development and trends in the education industry.