OneSmart Launches Upgraded Premium Tutoring Services

On December 2, 2020, OneSmart International Education Group Limited (NYSE: ONE) ("OneSmart" or the "Company"), the leading premium K-12 after-school education services provider in China, held a press conference at The Peninsula Shanghai with the theme of “China’s Leading Premium One-on-one Tutoring Services”, and launched the Company’s upgraded premium tutoring services for college and high school examination preparation, tutoring services and power learning development all into one package.

Specializing on one-on-one education counselling for the past thirteen years, OneSmart continues to promote personalized aptitude courses with professors from Harvard University and Peking University

China has set out a number of guidelines in its Education Modernization 2035 Plan, which was created to improve education and develop goals that prioritize on morality, all-rounded personal development, and teaching based on students’ aptitude and interest. Modernizing education has entered into a new era in China, which will continue to strengthen overall personal development and promote all-round academic achievements through personalized learning.

The concept of personalized learning has evolved to a higher level as China continues to push forward its new national initiatives to modernize education nationwide. At the press conference, Dr. Ding Yanqing, a professor at Peking University commented, “Personalized learning based on a student’s aptitude is the best way to educate and the most effective approach is one-on-one teaching. In terms of academic results, teaching in large classes are definitely less satisfying than small classes, and small classes are much less effective compared to one-on-one tutoring. Private tutoring is the best way to resolve issues specific to a student, inspire more learning initiatives, and to strive for the best academic results.”

OneSmart has always focused on personalized teaching and one-on-one private tutoring since its inception thirteen years ago. Since 2013, OneSmart has aligned strategic partnerships with world-class universities, including Harvard University and Peking University, and launched the "OneSmart Premium One-on-one Tutoring Research Institute" with more than 100 professors from international institutions. OneSmart has also put forward the innovative concept of "Power Learning". At the press conference, Harvard Professor Dr. Paul Reville said, “Every child has the opportunity to become an elite. I firmly believe that targeted education can help students succeed, prepare them for social issues and to cope with complicated economic, social and environmental challenges in the future. At Harvard University, we have started a research project to develop a tailored success plan for every student.”

Mr. Xiong Bingqi, a renowned educator and scholar, also acknowledged OneSmart’s Premium One-on-one Tutoring Service, “Schools provide large-class teaching for all students. To achieve targeted education, students need private tutoring. OneSmart’s Premium One-on-one Tutoring is in line with the overall direction of education for China’s young students.”

OneSmart stands out in the industry by leading the premium one-on-one tutoring market nationwide for four consecutive years according to Frost & Sullivan

As the number of candidates for high school and college entrance examinations continues to rise every year, the competition for high-quality educational resources has become increasing fierce. According to Frost & Sullivan, an authoritative and independent global market research firm, only a small proportion of the tens of millions of candidates each year are admitted into the 985 colleges and top universities in China, which has resulted in the fast growth of the private tutoring market. More and more students and parents are no longer satisfied with the learning outcomes from large-class teaching, so they have resorted to targeted education to improve learning efficiency, and help students enter their preferred universities.

According to data from Frost & Sullivan, OneSmart, a well-established tutoring service provider focusing on one-on-one college tutoring for 13 years, has been leading the national private tutoring market for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019. For two consecutive years from 2018 to 2019, OneSmart has been the leader for the premium one-on-one college tutoring market nationwide, demonstrating strong market leadership for the sector.

VIP teachers help students to continuously improve their academic performance.

OneSmart’s Elite VIP teachers have passed the training certification of Peking University and are nationally certified school educational psychologists. Excellent teachers must first be good communicators with parents and students. For students, they are teachers as well as friends, and play an important role in improving their students’ learning abilities. OneSmart’s one-on-one tutoring provides targeted teaching for each student based on their personality and aptitude for learning, and subject-specific strengths and weaknesses. It is also guaranteed by teacher’s teaching capability. OneSmart VIP teachers are all well trained – knowledge of 8000+ exam questions, 6000+ hours of class teaching experience, and have attended over 20000+ minutes of teacher training programs.

"Specialized" teaching helps students achieve all-round development.

OneSmart has partnered with Harvard University and Peking University to establish a standardized process for the new premium one-on-one school admission tutoring course. Using the process, OneSmart first carries out a detailed analysis of each student’s academic performance, and produces a report on the advantages and disadvantages of their academic goals and gives recommendations for schools and universities. In each student evaluation and handout, there are a total of 24 lesson preparation procedures, including a 360-degree dynamic assessment, planning for further studies, evaluation of subjects and assessment of one’s learning abilities. OneSmart has the combined resources of over 20 million high-quality questions in a quiz bank for teachers to easily find suitable questions for each student. That’s why each class handout is unique and customized for each student’s learning experience.

“Strong” academic performance helps students pass the high school or university entrance examinations (“ZhongKao” and “GaoKao”).

Leveraging on thirteen years of teaching experience and operating in the education space, OneSmart has created China’s leading professional one-on-one team of talents and they have continued to produce outstanding academic results with their students. OneSmart has the combined resources of over 20 million questions from top schools and over 7 million one-on-one high-quality case studies, as part of the rich resources and database used for targeted teaching. In 2020, the high school admission rate of OneSmart premium one-on-one tutoring service was 95.1%, the admission rate for top high schools was 70%, and the university admission rate was 91.3%. In 2020, top score students for ZhongKao and GaoKao in Shanghai were from OneSmart.

Highly effective and professional one-on-one tutoring has been well received and growing in popularity among many families

Nowadays, it is a fact that students are overburdened and stressed about examinations, but parents have to continue pushing their children to spend more of their leisure time to “cram” for studies. This is not conducive to the health of students and being under pressure for a long time will cause serious psychological stress on students. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of elite families with well-educated parents, such as university professors, lawyers and doctors, have chosen OneSmart for its professional and effective premium tutoring services. OneSmart’s one-on-one premium tutoring service is well positioned to improve a student’s learning efficiency and help balance between studies and life.

Leveraging on 13 years of high-quality education concepts and premium services model, OneSmart recently launched its premium tutoring service with “a new VIP school admission curriculum”. The program provides the most effective learning results for students and parents by integrating the best educational resources from Harvard University and Peking University.

In the face of ever-changing competition in the school entrance examinations tutoring market, OneSmart has partnered with Harvard University and Peking University to focus on its one-on-one tutoring service for further studies and create an efficient theoretical and systematic tutoring system for students. Through targeted teaching, every student has the opportunity to enter their preferred schools based on their capabilities. OneSmart utilizes its personalized teaching methods and power learning theories to help every child realize their goals of becoming an all-round talent and further their dreams.