OneSmart: Provider of All-round Education Who Meets the Needs of Families

At OneSmart, we position ourselves as a valuable supplementary educational service provider to the public education. Our mission is to enable POWER LEARNING that changes the future. We are not a fan of “grade-oriented” learning. Instead, we offer personalized services and training camps to a small number of like-minded families, with a focus on developing the learning power of the students. As a response to the national policy of reducing homework and after-school tutoring, we have taken immediate action to upgrade our services, to meet the needs of our students with better and more diverse learning resources.


Cultivate Learning Power


Through interactive lecturing that focuses on communication and student engagement, we offer a range of useful tools such as mind mapping, emotion management and anti-procrastination methods to our students, which can greatly enhance their learning willingness and efficiency.


LSF Project Research


We adopt a project-oriented approach that requires our students to carry out independent research initiatives in five major areas, including real-life situations, trending news and future development. Such a task-based learning approach can develop the critical thinking ability of the students, allowing them to become real problem-solvers in their lives.


Summer/Winter Learning Camps


Our summer and winter camps are led by professional educators, who will help the students learn more about nature and cities along their field trips. Through the various physical, artistic and cultural activities, students can gain more knowledge about the society and become a better team player.


Science Camps


At the science camps, students are asked to dive deep into specific subjects through personal communication, presentations, group discussions and debates. By exploring topics such as AI, traditional culture, art and current affairs, students will be able to master valuable skills of academic research and public speaking.


International Education


At OneSmart, we offer well-rounded education with a global vision. It is our mission to foster young global citizens with national confidence.


Personalized Daycare Service


Our personalized daycare service is designed to meet the needs of working parents. We provide necessary guidance for the students on planning their study, as well as finishing and reviewing their homework in an independent manner. The immersive environment at our daycare center also enables better learning habits and greater concentration on learning.


At OneSmart, we focus on developing all-round education products that cater to the needs of parents and improve the life-long learning ability of the students. It is our mission to offer a pleasant learning experience to our students on their way to become exemplary citizens.